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My Rant about soydevs

So I was pretty much talking on the Nobel Tech server, and talked about Linux. We talked about why big tech messes up the modern world.

Then I thought, why does multiple websites loads slower like WordPress and stuff?

It actually turns out it was bloat.

To define bloat, bloat is something unnecessary that the user didn't want. For example those pre installed apps your laptop manufacturer installed in your laptop.

"But why do you talk about bloat?" you might asked, well, in the modern times, you can see websites with chock-full of unnecessary scripts and shit for a simple block of text. Lemme explain.

If you have a decent internet connection and you find out that your website you want to see was unusually loading for minutes, might be those unnecessary scripts.

For example, if you looked up a quote of your favorite show, you might notice why the content loads slower than expected. You only need that one quote to post on the bird app or in the metashit.

I gonna introduce you to soydevs, the people who behind the abomination. These soy milk drinking Silicon Valley developers usually code stuff in an unoptimized manner.

They oftentimes smash bunch of numbers and letters and expect them to work. If it was working, they didn't bother optimizing the code. They usually used Javascript, the worst language the humankind came up with.

Now, you might ask "Why you hate JS? You can actually make a game in that!" Well simple. It makes things slower to load. For example, this HTML file is just probably in a few kilobytes, most browsers can load this in under a second. But if I was your stereotypical soydev, you might be able to see this in few minutes.

Another culprit of this cesspool was Microsoft. They literally added advertisements inside Windows 11. Windows 10 is hella slow for hard drives, but I don't remember an average desktop computer having a solid state drive in 2015! The ads for Spotify, Candy Crush and doh! Microsoft services! They beg and beg to sell your fucking soul to them and use Microsoft Edge over and over again!

Hey soydevs, do you know about RSS? HTML5? EVEN FUCKING CSS?? You can like theme a website with HTML and CSS, like this one! Heck you don't need to learn Javascript to make a website! You might say this website is awfully ancient but 90s web design have more personality than the fucking Microsoft website! Like look at it. Too flat, too corporate, unlike early amateur web design, full of GIFs and buttons, web rings and too much eyecandy, you might ask for a doctor about "eye diabetes"!

Man, I never talked about Electron did I? Electron is the worst web platform I've heard. period.

If you want to make a website, learn HTML and CSS, one day you will be good enough. Find a domain name, find if self hosting is worth it, and most importantly, don't use Javascript. Ever. Even a year before the sun dies.

Oh, I forgot about people using Ubuntu or ManjarNO, please switch to either Arch, Void or Gentoo. I would recommend Void too.

Please stop using gNOme. Use suckless software like dwm and st. dwm is literally the quintessential window manager. It's lite, minimalist and you can customize it. All you need is some knowledge of how to patch suckless software and you can add things like transparency or gaps. You can add a start menu style program called dmenu, but I recommend building from source as packages in your favorite package manager can be outdated. If you want to have a machine that suck less, you might want to ditch bash and switch to zsh, and ditch sudo for doas. That's all my ranting. See you next time!