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Blog posts

These are excerpts of my blog posts on WordPress and newer ones. If you want the full WordPress versions, please visit the modern version.

First week of Face to Face, and my thoughts

(Published August 28, 2022)

After 2 years, face to face classes return. But what does Alexis think?

Modern Internet is shit

(Published April 16, 2022)

My thoughts about why the internet evolves backwards. Web3, Hidden surveillance, Cryptocurrencies are one of these that make Internet shit. But you can change it after reading the article.

Why I think RSS is based

(Published March 31, 2022)

My thoughts about RSS and why it's still verstile for delivering content even to this day.

My Rant about soydevs (EXCLUSIVE)

(Published March 19, 2022)

My rant about soydevs ruin the modern internet landscape and technology in general. I also included a tip on how to be a based Linux user.

Grand Theft Auto as an UWP app

(Published January 7, 2022)

So hey guys, I gonna talk about the UWP version of GTA SA and how do you get it after Rockstar delisting the games.


This version is the same one as in mobile version, the lackluster port by Wardrum Studios (now Grove Street Games), infamous to it's bugs. This version, unlike the Android one, can't support most mods, some like Ultimate ASI Loader can be installed but it's complicated.

If you want the full review, click here.

My 2022 wishlist (or not)

(Published January 6, 2022, edited March 1, 2022)

Happy new year guys with an another nightmare provided by Gwyneth "Omicron Superspreader" Chua and another year filled with stress induced distance learning. Now I have a list of things I wanted or wished to happen this year.

1. GTA VI, not another Online DLC

Now, first up is GTA 6, we obviously wanted it for 9 whole years. Last year we got more Online DLCs and a poor, terrible remaster of the trilogy. I wanted it to be set on 2019 Vice City (obviously because of that certain virus), full in detail and made with love. I wanted it to run on the in-house R.A.G.E engine, not in Unity or Unreal. Please make it happen. It would be great, if you worked hard on it. Also stop milking a 9 year old game, since people can't handle being stranded on Los Santos. Also a seperate Online game would be nice but I hate seeing you in an EA-like manner.

(Author's note as of March 1, 2022: The next GTA is now announced!)

2. COVID cases slowing down

Please people, make it happen. Governments should do something to curb the cases, also common people too. If we worked together, especially in the upcoming election, please work together. We need to stop our living nightmare

(Author's note as of March 1, 2022: The COVID cases do slow down but in a up and down cycle. The alert levels lowers down and we got hopeful for now.)

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Windows 10X - A few months later

(Published October 14, 2021, Edited October 16, 2021)

Ahhh... Windows 11 officially released 10 days ago as time of writing. I'm kinda interested about the inspiration of it's GUI, Windows 10X.

Now, Windows 10X is meant to be a liter Windows version like Chrome OS but later scrapped. Windows 10X is based on Windows CoreOS, which also used by Polaris, Hologram, Andromeda and more (most of them are scrapped.) This version of the OS has no legacy Win32 apps like a typical Windows version. Also, most of them (including Settings and Calculator) are downloaded.

EDIT: Hi it's me from October 16th, I forgot to mention that Windows 10X is also designed for dual screened and single screened PCs, laptops, netbooks etc. I learned this from reading articles and actually trying build 19578.

Now I used an hack to bring Hyper-V on Windows 10 Home (by a batch script) and downloaded the final build, 20279 before it's cancellation. (I'll do a seperate one for the official Microsoft Emulator images of them.)

Want to read more about this cancelled OS? Click here to learn more.

Want more stuff? Please check the modern version here.

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